We adhere to the belief that a shipping pallet is a versatile tool rather than a disposable waste byproduct. We advocate for pallets that are sturdy, long-lasting, sanitary, and environmentally sustainable.

In the United States today, an estimated 2 billion pallets are in circulation, with a significant number meeting a premature end in local landfills. Pallets with split boards, rusty nails, and non-removable staples are condemned to a future of decomposition. Our clientele rejects this as the sole option, envisioning themselves as contributors to a waste-free supply chain without compromising cost-effectiveness.

Our collaboration with customers extends beyond the truck's departure from the shipping dock. Together, we also engage with their receivers, educating them on the overarching goal of sustainability through participation in our program. We demonstrate the value of collecting, storing, and availing our pallets for free pick-up retrieval.


Acknowledging that pallets, including ours, have a finite lifespan, we accept this reality. When a pallet has fulfilled its purpose and is ready for retirement, we remove it from circulation. These pallets are then recycled, undergoing a process that includes regrinding and mixing with other post-industrial recycled plastics. Resurrected anew, we create another brand new pallet.

We remain dedicated to the sustainable future of our planet, aiming to reduce waste by offering an eco-friendly solution for your supply chain.